Buying Bud for Beginners: How to Buy Weed in Massachusetts

How to Buy Weed in Massachusetts

Are you interested in buying cannabis for the first time? If you’ve never shopped for cannabis in a dispensary before, your first time can be intimidating. At Blackstone Valley Cannabis, we want to teach you how to buy weed that’s high-quality, inexpensive, and fits your needs and goals.

In this post, we’ll focus on buying cannabis flower. Here’s what you need to know about how to buy weed in Massachusetts.

What Does Healthy Bud Look Like?

Most shops will allow you to examine each strain of cannabis before you purchase it. Let’s talk about how to identify high-quality cannabis flower.

Start with how the flower looks. The buds should be a vibrant, rich green color. It may have deep purple or blue hues throughout. You should also notice bright red, orange, or amber hairs growing from the flower. Don’t choose weed that has a dull, lifeless color.

Cannabis leaves have tiny, diamond-like structures attached to them called trichomes. They determine the strain’s smell, taste, and additional entourage effects. You’re looking for flower that has as many trichomes as possible. Top-notch weed should shine or glimmer in the light.

Your flower should not be dry or brittle. It should return to its normal shape after pressure is applied instead of crumbling. It also shouldn’t be overly wet or damp, as this could be a sign of mold and mildew.

One pro tip for how to buy weed: smell the flower, too. If you’re not used to the aroma of marijuana, you might not be able to pick out the nuances of the scents quite yet. However, knowing what’s a good smell and a bad smell, even if they’re both a little strong for you, will help you know what bud to avoid.

Fresh cannabis will smell:

  • Skunky
  • Flowery
  • Fruity
  • Spicy
  • Sweet
  • Earthy
  • Like diesel
  • Like pine trees
  • Pungent or strong

Avoid weed that smells:

  • Musty
  • Acrid
  • Sour
  • Moldy
  • Like mildew
  • Like dry grass
  • Like fresh-cut grass
  • Like hay
  • Like nothing at all
  • Like sweat
  • Like urine
  • Like burnt hair
  • Unpleasant, noxious, or “off”

So now you know how to tell if cannabis is of excellent quality. But how do you pick which type of flower to select? Here’s how to buy weed online that fits your needs.

Strains & THC Levels

When you buy cannabis in Massachusetts, you’ll have many strains to choose from. Each strain is made by crossing different varieties of cannabis and has its own set of characteristics, including taste, smell, effects, and THC percentage. There are three main types of cannabis strains: sativa, indica, and hybrid


Sativa cannabis strains will generally make you feel more active, happy, and creative. Think of smoking a sativa strain as chugging Red Bull. They’re best when you want to watch a funny movie, go to a concert, or brainstorm creative ideas.


Indica cannabis strains will generally make you feel relaxed, blissed out, and sleepy. Think of smoking an indica strain like popping a Xanax. They’re best if you’re winding down after a stressful day, watching TV, or trying to get a good night’s sleep.


Hybrids are a blend of traits from sativa and indica strains. They often combine the energizing effects of sativa with the relaxing effects of indica. Each one may affect you a little differently, so we recommend trying a few. 

You’ll notice that different strains have different THC percentages. THC is the psychoactive compound in marijuana that gets you high. In general, cannabis that has more THC will create a stronger high.

However, THC percentages are far from the only indicator of how a strain will affect you or how high you’ll get when you smoke it. Due to the diverse array of minor cannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in each strain, you definitely don’t need to choose the strain with the highest THC concentration in the shop in order to achieve the high you want. You can talk to a retail dispensary agent to discuss which strains will create the effects you’re looking for.

Tips for Your First Dispensary Visit in Massachusetts

First, you need to know that the retail dispensary agents at your Massachusetts dispensary are your ultimate source of cannabis knowledge when you’re a newbie. Employees are happy to spend time with you to learn about what you’re looking for in cannabis and help select the right products for you. Don’t be shy about taking up too much of their time; they want to help!

Here are some other tips to help you know how to buy weed:

  • Look at the flower’s packaging to see the harvest date, testing date, package date, THC percentage, strain name, and batch number.
  • Purchase small quantities of 2-3 different strains of cannabis flower when you’re starting out. This will help you learn what you like faster.
  • There might be a line when you visit the cannabis dispensary in Uxbridge. Make sure you carve out at least one hour for your first visit.
  • Ask if the dispensary has first-time shopper discounts.
  • Let the dispensary agents know if you’re trying cannabis for its medical benefits. They’ll probably have certain strains to recommend based on your medical condition.
  • Ask the dispensary agent what supplies you’ll need to consume the cannabis you buy. They can often help you find what you’ll need so you don’t have to make an extra trip to a smoke shop.

How to Buy Weed in Massachusetts

So now you know how to buy weed. But where can you buy cannabis in Massachusetts?

Blackstone Valley Cannabis is proud to carry only the freshest cannabis flower in the commonwealth. Some cannabis dispensaries sell low-quality bud that’s six months old or even more! We only sell top-grade cannabis flower and pre-rolls that were purchased for our inventory in the past 120 days. 

We’re committed to helping you have a positive experience with weed. Our retail dispensary agents will work with you for as long as you need to find the best cannabis strains for your situation. They can also educate you on cannabis and give you tips for smoking for the first time.

Check out our menu and place your first online order for the freshest cannabis in Uxbridge, MA today!

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