Do You Know How Fresh Your Cannabis Is?

How fresh is your Massachusetts cannabis?

Smoking flower is the most popular way to consume cannabis. Many people love the way it smells and tastes. Plus, consuming flower gets you high faster than other methods of enjoying weed like edibles.

We know you’re looking for top-notch cannabis flower when you visit Blackstone Valley Cannabis. And, we pride ourselves in selling only the freshest cannabis available in Massachusetts. In this post, we want to help you learn about cannabis freshness so you can see for yourself how high-quality our products are.

Here’s how you can tell whether you’re buying fresh cannabis flower, plus the best ways to keep cannabis fresh once you take it home.

Appearance of Fresh Cannabis

Start by observing the color of the cannabis flower. The buds should be vibrant and attractive. Good-quality flower is a deep, rich green color. You may notice deep purple or blue throughout the buds. You should be able to see bright red, amber, or orange hairs as well. 

Pay attention to the plant’s trichomes. These are the tiny, diamond-like crystals that form on the buds of the cannabis plant. They’re responsible for the flower’s smell, taste, and additional entourage effects.

The more trichomes you can see, the better. They should shine or glimmer in the light. You may want to use a magnifying glass to get a closer look.

Smell of Fresh Weed

Cannabis flower can have a strong, pungent smell. Some people don’t like this facet of smoking, but a prominent aroma is actually one of the signs of fresh weed.

Old cannabis may have a weak aroma or lose its smell entirely. You might also notice an unpleasant or harsh aroma or taste. You’ll notice the smell of fresh cannabis immediately when you hold it.

Fresh cannabis may smell:

  • Skunky
  • Flowery
  • Fruity
  • Spicy
  • Sweet
  • Earthy
  • Like diesel
  • Like pine trees
  • Pungent or strong

Avoid weed that smells:

  • Musty
  • Acrid
  • Sour
  • Moldy
  • Like mildew
  • Like dry grass
  • Like fresh-cut grass
  • Like hay
  • Like nothing at all
  • Like sweat
  • Like urine
  • Like burnt hair
  • Unpleasant, noxious, or “off”

Some cannabis dispensaries will let you smell their products in the store to determine freshness if they operate a deli style counter. Others carry products that are already sealed and packaged which will not allow you to remove the flower from its bag or container. If you’re not able to smell the cannabis before you buy, note its aroma when you get home so you can decide whether you trust the quality of the dispensary’s products.

Feeling of Fresh Cannabis

Top-shelf fresh cannabis will be sticky or tacky to the touch. Buds will feel soft and plump, almost like a fresh fruit. The cannabis should return to its original shape after pressure is applied. 

Fresh weed will not be overly dry. You should be able to break it apart with your fingers, but it shouldn’t crumble when you touch it. Stems should snap when you force them, but they shouldn’t be brittle.

Buds should not be wet or overly soft. Damp cannabis is more likely to develop mold and mildew, which are unhealthy to inhale. If touching a bud leaves a dent, it’s probably too wet. If it crumbles, it’s too dry.

How Long Does Cannabis Stay Fresh?

Cannabis doesn’t really have a firm expiration date, more of a “best if used by” date.It can stay fresh for about six months to a year as long as it has been properly harvested, dried, and cured. If you want to keep weed for a long time, make sure you only purchase high-quality bud and keep it in a freezer.

Over time, fresh weed begins to lose its potency and aroma. It can become dry or moldy. You may notice a reduced entourage effect, too.

After one year, cannabis loses about 16% of its THC. After two years, 26% will be lost, and after four, it will have lost 41% of its strength.

Check the harvest date of your cannabis. This can usually be found on the label, or you can ask a dispensary agent about the freshness of their weed. All dispensaries should be transparent about where they get their cannabis, how it’s grown, and when it’s harvested.

Smoking old weed won’t kill you or make you sick. However, it probably won’t be a very pleasant experience. Just be careful that your marijuana doesn’t have any mold before smoking.

This timeline assumes that the weed has been stored correctly. You may even be able to extend the shelf life of your cannabis by a year or so if you practice proper storage techniques. But what’s the best way to keep cannabis fresh?

What Is the Best Way to Keep Cannabis Fresh at Home?

The most important thing you can do to preserve your fresh cannabis is to keep it in the right container. We recommend a glass mason jar or a container that’s designed specifically for cannabis to store weed, not in a plastic bag. It needs to prevent air from getting in or out. Glass is the best material, as plastic and metal can change the aroma and taste of your cannabis.

Limit your stash’s UV light exposure. Keep your marijuana in a closet, pantry, or other dark place. If you’re storing properly, you should keep your weed at a temperature below 70 °F. However, don’t put it in the refrigerator or freezer.

Maintain a proper humidity level when storing your cannabis properly, between 54-63%. This can be difficult depending on the season. We recommend putting a humidity pack in your jar to keep the environment stable.

Pack the glass jar as tightly as possible for long-term storage to decrease the amount of oxygen inside. Seal it so it’s air tight. Once the container is sealed, open it as infrequently as possible, as it disrupts the environment inside.

When you’re looking to buy fresh cannabis, paying attention to how the flower looks, smells, and feels makes it more likely that you’ll head home with high-quality, fresh weed. 

Where Can I Buy Fresh Cannabis in Massachusetts?

At Blackstone Valley Cannabis, we pride ourselves in the freshness of our flower and pre-rolls. Some cannabis dispensaries sell cannabis that is six months old or more. We only sell flower that has been harvested within the past 120 days because we want you to know that you’re getting a high-quality product.

In addition to our premium flower and pre-rolls, we also offer:

Check out our menu and place your first online order for fresh cannabis today!

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