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Many people want to try cannabis, but they don’t feel comfortable smoking or vaping. There are many ways to get high without smoking, and using a marijuana tincture is one of the best options. Whether you’re a medical user or someone who wants to try a different way to enjoy weed, we want to help you learn more about buying the best cannabis tinctures in Uxbridge, MA.

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What Are Cannabis Tinctures?

Tinctures are made by infusing alcohol with cannabis. The plant is soaked in food-grade alcohol for several days before straining the liquid. The tincture-making process uses a solvent like alcohol, oil, or glycerin to extract the THC or CBD from the cannabis plant.

After the plant matter is strained out of the mixture, you’re left with a powerful cannabis tincture that contains cannabinoids like THC and CBD, terpenes, and other parts of the whole plant. This is called a full-spectrum cannabis oil.

Cannabis tinctures come in liquid form and are sold in small bottles. Doses are given using an eye dropper.

Tinctures of cannabis are absorbed sublingually, which means you hold them under your tongue for several seconds while the THC is absorbed through the tissues in your mouth. Some medical tinctures in Uxbridge, MA can be swallowed directly or put in food instead.

How to Use a Tincture

Sublingual absorption is the best way to use cannabis tinctures because it works fastest.

First, use the dropper to dose your tincture. Every tincture is different, so there isn’t any one size fits all dosing guidelines. Talk to a dispensary agent if you need help with dosing your marijuana tincture in Uxbridge, MA.

Put the eyedropper under your tongue and dispense the liquid. Don’t swallow the tincture immediately! Instead, hold it under your tongue for a while. Some people only do this for 15-20 seconds, while others let the tincture of cannabis absorb for longer, about one minute. When you’re done, you can swallow the tincture.

You can also use weed tinctures in food or beverages. Just dispense the tincture into your desired food item. However, you won’t feel the effects as quickly because there’s no sublingual absorption, only absorption by the stomach.

Benefits of Using Cannabis Tinctures

There are many reasons that marijuana users choose cannabis tinctures in Uxbridge, MA. Here are some of their main benefits of tinctures over other ways to use marijuana.

Easy Dosing

Weed tinctures allow for flexible dosing. You don’t have to split edibles into pieces or worry about inhaling too much when you smoke. Once you know the best dosage of a cannabis tincture for you, it’s easy to replicate it in the future.


Marijuana tinctures in Uxbridge, MA don’t look like weed products. They look more like a beauty product or essential oil. Unless someone looks at the label on your tincture, they probably won’t know what it is.

You can also easily use a cannabis tincture discreetly, even in public, since it doesn’t smell or produce any smoke. Plus, you can put it in a makeup bag or purse without raising any red flags.

Fast Activation Time

When you use a cannabis tincture sublingually, it absorbs through the tissues in your mouth. It only takes 15-30 minutes to begin feeling the effects of a marijuana tincture. This is much shorter than most edibles, which can take over an hour to start working.


Cannabis Tincture FAQs

Can You Buy Cannabis Tinctures in Uxbridge, Massachusetts?

Blackstone Valley Cannabis sells the best full-spectrum cannabis tinctures in Uxbridge, MA. We work with only the top distributors in the state, and all of our tinctures are, so you get the benefits of all of the cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant.

One of our most popular products is our 1:1 THC/CBD tincture. It’s great for medical patients or people who want a balance of different cannabinoids. We stock new products all the time, too.

Not sure whether a tincture is right for you? Our dispensary agents can answer your questions and make sure that you leave our dispensary with products you’re excited about.

What Does Full-Spectrum mean?

Some cannabis tinctures and concentrates preserve all of the cannabinoids and terpenes in the cannabis plant during the extraction process. These are labeled full-spectrum. Many consumers prefer these tinctures because they offer a more holistic experience.

How is Taking Cannabis Tinctures Different From Edibles?

When you hold the marijuana tincture under your tongue, it’s absorbed through the tissues in your mouth. If you swallow a weed tincture without letting it absorb, it will work very similarly to an edible. The cannabis tincture will be processed by your stomach and liver.

When you take a tincture orally, it will take between 45 minutes and two hours to take effect, just like an edible. The activation time is longer than smoking, but you’ll be high for longer.

How Long Does it Take for you to Start Feeling High From a Marijuana Tincture?

If you let the tincture sit under your tongue, you should be feeling the effects within 15-30 minutes. When you take them sublingually, medical tinctures in Uxbridge, MA work faster than edibles because of the different absorption method.

When you swallow the tincture without letting it absorb sublingually, you’ll still get high. However, you’ll be waiting longer, between 45 minutes and two hours, about the activation time of your average edible.

How Long Do the Effects of Cannabis Tinctures Last?

Cannabis tinctures stay in your system for a while. The strongest effects will generally last about three hours, but it can vary from one to six hours. In addition, you might still be feeling some effects from a tincture of cannabis up to 24 hours after, especially if you’re using it for the first time.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis Tinctures in Massachusetts?

You can buy the best cannabis tinctures in Massachusetts at Blackstone Valley Cannabis. We’re located in Uxbridge, MA, close to Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Check out our dispensary menu to order for pickup or stop into the store to find the best tincture for you!

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