A Guide to Finding the Best Way to Use Cannabis for You

Different ways to use cannabis.

Prospective cannabis users often think that the only way to use cannabis is to smoke it. It used to be much harder to access other weed products, but as more and more states have legalized marijuana, the landscape has started to expand.

Our dispensary agents at Blackstone Valley Cannabis in Uxbridge, MA want to make sure they only ring you up for cannabis products that you’re excited about. Here’s a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of some of our most popular products to help you make an informed decision before your purchase.

Smoking Cannabis

Smoking is the oldest and most common way to use cannabis, especially among recreational users. If you’re interested in smoking, there are a few different options to try.

Some users prefer to buy pre-rolls to save time and make smoking a joint super easy. You can also roll your own joints or blunts with a little practice. Some people prefer to smoke by loading cannabis flower into a pipe or bong.

No matter how you smoke, it will have some advantages and drawbacks.

Pros of Smoking Cannabis

  • You’ll feel the effects of smoking cannabis almost immediately.
  • Smoking requires very little equipment, especially if you choose pre-rolls.
  • Many people enjoy how cannabis tastes and smells.
  • You can appreciate the nuances of terpenes and flavonoids in your weed.
  • Smoking is one of the best ways to enjoy the plant socially.
  • The effects last about 2-3 hours, which can be positive if you have other plans after smoking.
  • Cannabis flower is cheaper than many other consumption methods, and you can get high several times from just one purchase. It’s the best option for people on a budget.

Cons of Smoking Cannabis

  • Smoking can be harmful to your mouth, throat, and lungs. Inhaling anything combustible could have negative health outcomes.
  • Some cannabinoids and terpenes are burned off, making it a less efficient delivery method.
  • This method can be difficult to dose.
  • It’s very hard to smoke cannabis discreetly, especially due to the smell.
  • Effects last only 2-3 hours, which may not be long enough for some people, especially medical patients. That means you may have to smoke several times throughout the day to continue to feel the effects.

Vaping Cannabis

If you like the idea of experiencing immediate effects after inhaling cannabis but don’t want to smoke, vaping could be a good option. Many cannabis dispensaries carry disposable vapes and a wide variety of vape cartridges to choose from.

So how can you know if vaping is the best way to use cannabis for you?

Pros of Vaping Cannabis

  • You’ll feel the effects of vaping cannabis almost immediately.
  • Many vapes come in delicious flavors.
  • Vaporizers are easy to use discreetly in many situations because they produce very little smell.
  • You need very little product to produce the desired effect.
  • Many experts believe vaping is better for your lungs than smoking.
  • Disposable vaporizers are incredibly convenient to use and experiment with.
  • Effects of vaping last about 2-4 hours, which lets you go about your day after consuming cannabis.

Cons of Vaping Cannabis

  • High-quality vapes can be expensive.
  • You don’t get to enjoy the natural taste of cannabis.
  • Some customers worry about the safety of vaping.
  • We’re still learning about the long-term effects of vaping.
  • Effects of vaping only last 2-4 hours, so you might need to vape several times throughout the day to continue to experience effects.

Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are made by distilling the best parts of the cannabis plant. Marijuana concentrates contain all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes in cannabis flower without the extra plant material. This gives them stronger psychoactive and medical effects than regular flower.

Cannabis concentrates come in a variety of forms, including:

The most common way to use cannabis concentrates is to dab them using a dab rig. This device vaporizes the concentrate, making it easy to inhale. To use one, you need to heat up the nail of the device with a blowtorch and inhale the vapor.

So is dabbing the right way to use cannabis for you?

Pros of Marijauana Concentrates

  • The effects of cannabis concentrates come on almost immediately.
  • Cannabis concentrates are incredibly strong, and you can get high off of only a tiny piece.
  • Since cannabis concentrates are stronger than flower, they could be better for medical patients who have a high tolerance.
  • You only have to do one or two small dabs to achieve the effects of smoking a whole joint.
  • Concentrates contain the full cannabinoid, flavonoid, and terpene profiles of the plant, allowing you to experience the “entourage effect.”
  • Dabs provide a clean, flavorful taste when inhaling.
  • Dabbing cannabis concentrates results in very little to no lingering odor.
  • You aren’t inhaling any burnt plant matter, which can be associated with lung problems.

Cons of Marijuana Concentrates

  • Since marijuana concentrates are so strong, you could get higher than you want to and experience side effects like anxiety.
  • Using concentrates too often could increase your tolerance, making it harder to get high via other delivery methods.
  • If you use concentrates regularly and want to take a tolerance break, you may experience stronger withdrawal side effects.
  • Dabbing requires special equipment.
  • Dabbing can be dangerous because you need to use a blowtorch.
  • Dab rigs are not portable and difficult to use in public.
  • Dabbing is not very discreet because of the bulky equipment.
  • Concentrates can be more expensive than other options.

Marijuana Edibles

If you don’t want to smoke or inhale vapor, cannabis edibles might be the best way to use cannabis. They’re extremely potent and can bring on serious effects for both recreational and medical patients. They often even taste great, too!

Pros of Marijuana Edibles

  • The effects of cannabis edibles can last for 6-8 hours or even more. This is ideal for someone who wants to feel high all day, or a medical patient who needs pain relief for long periods.
  • Users don’t have to smoke or inhale any vapor.
  • Marijuana edibles are completely discreet and can be taken at any time without visible smoke or special equipment.
  • Many edibles taste great.
  • There are many different types of weed edibles, including gummies, baked goods, chips, mints, and more.
  • You can control your dose exactly, which is especially useful for medical patients.
  • Edibles bring on different sensations than any other delivery method, and some people prefer their effects.
  • Consumers usually need a low dose to achieve their desired effects, so one bag of gummies could last them a long time.

Cons of Marijuana Edibles

  • Edibles can take 30 minutes to two hours to fully kick in.
  • Some marijuana edibles have a strong, unpleasant, weed-y taste.
  • Edibles are more likely to cause side effects like anxiety and paranoia.
  • The potency of edibles can vary across brands.

Cannabis Topicals

If you suffer from chronic nerve or muscle pain, you might consider purchasing a marijuana or CBD topical. They can be lotions, salves, creams, balms, ointments, or anything else you can spread on the skin.

What are topicals useful for?

Pros of Cannabis Topicals

  • Cannabis topicals have no psychoactive effects, so they won’t make you high. This is a pro for medical patients.
  • Topicals help with chronic pain and tight muscles.
  • Weed topicals can be applied directly to the area where they’re needed, providing targeted relief.
  • It should only take about 15 minutes after application until you start to feel the effects.
  • You can apply it several times per day if necessary.

Cons of Cannabis Topicals

  • Cannabis topicals have no psychoactive effects, so they won’t get you high, making them much less useful to recreational users.
  • You may need to apply them more than once a day for continued effect.
  • If you have sensitive skin, topicals could cause a rash.
  • Cannabis topicals can be more expensive than other delivery methods.

Other Ways to Consume Marijuana 

Here are a few other ways you might consume cannabis:

Final Thoughts: Finding the Best Way to Use Cannabis For You

Blackstone Valley Cannabis knows that every cannabis consumer is different. That’s why we carry a wide variety of products that will fit your needs, including flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, and more!

If you’re still deciding on the best cannabis delivery method for you, our expert dispensary agents will talk with you and find products that suit your goals. Check out our online menu or stop in to our Uxbridge, MA location today!

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